Hello friends.

My name is Glib Pekurovskyi aka Gerrard Flynne and I am a cinematic music composer, sound producer and engineer from Kyiv, Ukraine. I have more than 10 years of experience in audio field in numerous aspects: music composing and arrangement, playing keyboards, guitars and singing, digital sound processing, audio mixing and mastering.

I strongly believe that music creation is a very peculiar form of magic, that I’m always very glad to perform. Since almost forever I am devotedly obsessed with steampunk, fantasy, sci-fi and mysticism themes and naturally they find their way into my music creations. I love writing cinematic music of both symphonic and electronic kinds and I like how they supplement each other. To my deep belief, creating secondary imaginary world is just what music was made for.

This site is intended to showcase my portfolio of music compositions I’ve created under different guises and for different projects throughout my creative career. You are very welcome to the Portfolio page so let’s meet you there.

Fell yourself at home. The road goes ever on!